Rotalux Mini Octa Softbox 39'' Octagonal Softbox W/2 Diffuser

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The 39'' Mini Octa expands on its ''big brother'' 74'' Octa Light Banks wrap-around lighting effects, but in a small, portable version. It features a rotating speedring mount for exact angle positioning, spring loaded self-locking struts for fast, easy set-up, and durable snap fasteners to quickly attach the inner diffuser. Like all Elinchrom light modifiers, the geometrics of the Rotalux softboxes are precisely engineered to the focal length and light pattern unique to all Elinchrom flash heads. This feature, along with the ''double diffusion'' design ensures the exceptional evenness and softness Elinchrom softboxes are famous for. (39'' Rotalux Mini Octa, right, shown with 74'' Octa, left, and 53'' Rotalux Junior Octa, center)


Swiss Design

The latest Elinchrom products incorporates years of electronic know how combined with Swiss manufacturing quality at affordable prices. Ultra-stable circuitry for consistent flash out put and color temperature, combined with low sync voltage are just some of the many advantages of these packs.

Light Modifiers

A wide range of superbly, designed accessories, completely compatible with the entire Elinchrom flash system. Each modifier is designed to do a different job. Decide how you want the lighting to look like and there will be a reflector with precisely the right profile. Endless lighting possibilities guaranteed!

Universal Mount

The Elinchrom double bayonet mounting system for light modifiers has been used for the entire range of flashheads and accessories since 1974.

Rotalux Softbox

The easy mounting Rotalux system is probably the most widely copied of all softbox systems. However, it is easier to copy a design than a quality and Elinchrom's remain one of the best units in their class.

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